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2×1 trips

Today we share with you some of the Travel 2 Γ— 1 offers, one of the sections that most interests everyone during this season.

This is our list of 2 Γ— 1 Trips:

– Tourism in Tunisia:

This is the first offer that is among several of the most considered for the winter season, in which traveling to a tourist destination that has a different climate than the European Continent lives, becomes something β€œideal” for travelers.

Tunisia, is an exquisitely exotic country, an aspect that has gained special fame among the tourism companies that make available the package “end of the year travel offers”. This same one represents in each of its aspects, all the beauty and magic that Arab culture contains, it is also in the heart of the Mediterranean, so its landscapes and horizons are incredible.

Tourism in Tunisia

Tourism in Tunisia

Cost for Travel 2 Γ— 1: € 230.-

– Tourism in Tenerife:

Tenerife is one of the most visited tourist destinations at all times of the year in Spain. This is located in the southern part of the region, listed as one of the most beautiful coasts in the region.

It has gained special fame in the tourism industry, and even greater this season as part of the end of the year trips, because it is an ideal way to escape the cold, a tropical paradise with an ideal temperature.

Trips to Tenerife

Trips to Tenerife

The cost for 2 Γ— 1 trips is € 236.-

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