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4 reasons to choose a private flight

Lately it is well known by some of the most frequent travelers, that it is preferable if the pockets allow it, to enjoy the privileges granted by the famous ““Private Flights“”, So today we have summarized the Top 4 reasons to enjoy them.

Private jet flights

Some of the services offered by Private Flight companies are the following:

1- First class gastronomy:

Tasting the best gastronomic dishes that high luxury firms offer, is undoubtedly a unique opportunity in life.

2- Spa on board:

Excellent option to relax in the comfortable hot springs of the plane, while arriving at the predisposed destination.

3- Wifi connection:

These lines are among the first companies that devote themselves with complete devotion to providing this exclusive service on board their aircraft.

4- LCD screens:

How uncomfortable it is for many of the travelers that commercial airlines offer only small screens on their flights and even more uncomfortable is the distance to enjoy their views. So, our option in Private Flights, are huge LCD screens.

Private Jet Photos

Private Jet Photos

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