4×4 adventure in Turkmenistan

The arduous desert conditions of Turkmenistan and the terrain has meant a decrease in tourism rates in the region. So the greatest tourist attention has been channeled to the “outskirts” or rural areas of the capital city, to the ends of the black desert and to the routes of the ancient ruins of Merv.

A 4 × 4 excursion in Turkmenistan can be easily arranged to achieve a pleasant and adventurous tour if a vehicle is rented 4 × 4, which are offered by vehicle houses in the capital of Ashgabat. From here, it is where we will depart for the excursion!

Turkmenistan Wallpaper

Near Ashgabat are the ruins of ancient Nisa, the capital of the kings in the third century BC, a journey that will take you from the empire in Iraq to the Arab Republic of Syria. Also on the way, we advise you to visit the horse farm, in Turkmenbashi, ten kilometers from the capital.

Turkmenistan Mausoleum

Twenty kilometers east, there is what once was a great empire, now in ruins. With huge dragons, who guarded the entrance to the city of Anai.

To finish your 4 × 4 adventure in Turkmenistan, we advise you to visit the underground mineral lake 90 kilometers west of Ashgabat. An impressive underground lake that obtains temperatures of up to 37º Celsius!

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