4×4 in Morocco

The 4 × 4 cars They are called all terrain and are sometimes used for extreme sports or for tourism.
In Morocco There are several routes to follow to travel in 4 × 4. The most important thing is not to lose orientation so as not to get lost, only in that way you can enjoy the trip with peace of mind. Also do not forget to bring the necessary things to camp, since in many cases these routes do not end in a single day.

4x4 all terrain in Morocco

Route of the Cathédrale

It’s called that because its tourist attraction is a mountain called la Cathédrale. Although to get there they pass through two villages, which usually have nothing of interest for a tourist, although it is always worth knowing something new. It is recommended for this route to carry everything we need for comfort.

4x4 in Morocco sunset

West-East crossing

Part of the road on this route was just built in 2001, before entering it, it goes through Toufghine, What is it a valley very spacious and beautiful, where it is worth stopping a little to admire it. The people here already find it normal to see the cars pass, although they are not usually many.

4x4 in Morocco

Foum Zguid Tan Tan, Desert

This route is usually somewhat dangerous, but it can be passed if you take responsibility for steering wheel steering. Because when the road ends and the double wall placed by Morocco is passed, you must follow the path shown without leaving it, because on the sides the field is mined.

4x4 in Morocco full tour

I jump in a dune in Morocco.

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