4×4 routes

In Spain there are a variety of places to be traveled in a comfortable 4 × 4. One of them is the Picos de Europa Park, which comprises two abrupt valleys: the Sajambre and Valdeón.

4x4 routes

In the Oseja way You can visit emblematic buildings such as the mill or the light factory. You can also tour the ports of Panderuedas Y Pontoon to get to Valdeon Valley.

4x4 routes Spain

This route includes entering the villages of Caldevilla and Soto. In addition, you can visit the Inn, the villages of Cordiñanes Y Flat. Then you will reach the most isolated town: Cain. When leaving Posada, you reach the Cable Car, where there is a break in the mountain shelter. The route allows to travel the Vega del Toro and the villages of Sotres and Tielve.

4x4 routes

Everything lasts approximately eight hours and its cost per person is € 50.
There is also the route of Cares, which has a four-hour tour inside the park of Picos de Europa. Part of Arriondas and ends in Poncebos. The Cost is 35 euros per person.

4×4 route through the mountains of Mariña de Lugo.

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