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5 ways to avoid a theft in your home while traveling

When we go on a leisure or business trip, we think of everything: air tickets, medical insurance, documents, check-in, hotel or other reservations, in everything, although we almost never think of protection from our house when we are traveling. In high travel season, especially in bridges or holidays worldwide, the number of robberies increases, so, in versiontravel we give you some recommendations of how to prevent theft of your home while traveling.

1. If we have trusted neighbors or friends, we can ask them to check our house regularly. If we give a copy of our keys to a neighbor or trusted friend to water our plants or feed our pet, this moment will also serve to verify that everything is in order in the house and that there have been no strangers in it . By the way you can verify that the windows and doors are well closed, that nothing has been broken and, it is ideal to leave a contact number to communicate with us in front of any news.

2. Do not spread our vacation, place of destination or number of days we will be away from home. With the new trends of publishing their lives on social networks, it is increasingly common to read that someone is leaving with the whole family traveling, the day they leave, the number of days and the place of destination.

If we do not really know all our contacts in emails, blogs, and networks, it is best not to give travel notices. It is ideal to state that we are busy or leave a message programmed to be published on our blogs as if we were still in front of our computers.

3. Leave some lights on. This item should not be exaggerated, it is not advisable to leave all the lights on, only some, and, much better if our neighbor or trusted friend who is going to regularly enter our house to see that everything is in order, change the lights on so that they are not always the same. It is also advisable not to leave all blinds and curtains closed. That is, it is better to leave a blind halfway, or only two or three lights at home, otherwise, it is too obvious that there are no people at home. From this point follows our next advice to avoid theft at home while we are traveling.

4. Compare solar lights and / or motion activation bulbs. These lights are not expensive and can be placed in strategic places of the house such as the garden, garage, patios and others, so that when a movement is made near the sensors the lights come on immediately. In this way, our neighbors can notice if someone approaches our property and, although it is not an alarm system, it still inspires respect and a thief will think twice before entering our home.

5. Suspend delivery services. It is easy to temporarily suspend the delivery service of newspapers, magazines and others, so, people who pass through our door will not see how newspapers accumulate in our mailbox as if no one were picking them up. In the same way we can notify the mail so that they do not send packages home.

Apart from these tips to avoid a robbery in your home while you are travelingIt is also recommended: install an alarm system; hire an anti-theft policy: install strong locks on the main doors and home garages; and, store in valuables – preferably away from home – valuables that we have.

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