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6 steps to make the perfect suitcase

Preparing a perfect suitcase can be an arduous task. Currently, we are forced to optimize the space of our luggage due, in large part, to the restrictions which are often imposed by airlines. These limitations have made us try to save weight on each of our trips. In this article we show you some tricks to make the perfect suitcase because in a matter of luggage, less is more. We hope you find these tips practical and wish you a … happy trip!

6 essential steps to pack

Below you have an index with all the points that we are going to deal with in this article.

1. Find out about the weather

We will leave aside the classic "just in case" for hypothetical situations at home and inform us of the time it will take during the stay in the country to which we will travel will be vital to better calculate our space in the suitcase. This will avoid that when arriving at our destination we have to invest in garments that we have left at home due to lack of foresight, or that, in the case, we have to pay a surcharge for excess weight at the airport for clothes and shoes that we are not going to wear.

Know the weather before traveling

2. Versatility

Contributing to having a versatile suitcase implies including it basic garments like a pair of shirts, and a pair of jeans. However, we cannot forget that in our trips you can and usually give special moments in which you have to go more arranged or be as it is usually said “at the height of the circumstances”, for ourselves or because we have been invited to an event, party, or family reunion.

But if what we need are some tips that help us to optimally include all our clothing kit in our travel bag in the best possible way, the Zalando online store suggests in this video the ways to save this space How important it is to us when it comes to having to choose between this complement, this bag, the polka dot dress or the matching pants with our handbag.

Versatility when packing

Therefore, a few tips will make this process easier and what has served us for once, will be useful for the next …

3. What will be the plans?

As we have already indicated above, the clothes you will need to visit the Machu Picchu are not the same as to spend a weekend in Paris visiting museums. Without going to such opposite cases, our needs change If we have planned during our vacations to spend the day sightseeing or if we plan to go out to dinner or go to a party.

Of course, it is best to be able to wear garments that can be combined interchangeably and that with some shoes the pants give us a more formal touch than with the sneakers with which we have toured the Retiro Park in Madrid.

Think and plan what we will carry in the suitcase

Think and plan what we have to carry in the suitcase around the activities that we are going to do during our trip, taking into account that a pair of different shoes can contribute to giving us a totally new, different, casual or serious look.

4. The "Tetris moment" or how to put everything

There are some golden rules that serve to organize our suitcase. Among the best known tricks is that of place the bag in the bottom —Because it is bulky and if something breaks it will not stain the clothes—, stretch the belts or put them inside the collar of the shirts, roll the clothes instead of folding them (denim, cotton or wool) and place the shoes in individual bags in the sides

Another useful tip is to wear the heaviest and most voluminous clothes, as it will save us space. In this article of Traveler we can find a complete decalogue To pack our bags as an experienced traveler.

The "tetris moment" or how to put everything in the suitcase

5. Always start with the basics

One of the best ideas to tune up our suitcase is make a list and check that we have put everything we need, the essentials (passport, hygiene products, underwear, camera, boots …). If after having everything important inside we have space, it may be a good idea to include something "not so basic" that we would like to take. Another option is to reserve that space to do some shopping during our trip.

6. The basics always with you

In the event that we have to check in luggage, putting the most important and valuable thing in our carry-on bag will always give us security and provide greater peace of mind. If our suitcase is lost we will still have what it takes to "survive" by hand …

What is needed in hand luggage

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