A gondola ride through Venice

A gondola ride through the channels of Venice It can be a romantic and unforgettable excursion if you travel as a couple. Obviously the prices make the trip a luxurious experience. But we leave some data for you to evaluate yourself.

Gondolas are boats handmade, by hand and with only seven pieces of wood. The gondolieri They have a special license to take them. Although they are hereditary, they must pass some history and art exams, which make them expert city guides. His traditional outfit is black pants, striped shirt, straw hat with colored ribbon and a white shirt.

There are two kinds of gondolas: very comfortable ones with padded seats, upholstery and luxury ornaments. Others are simpler, not so careful.
Make the serenade ride or music greatly increases prices. It is best to consult it at the tourist office or contract with your travel agency or on the Internet.

We can make the trip under the moon, with candlelight dinner and the background serenade, but the show will cost us about € 150 per person. Do not hesitate to pay them if your budget allows. Worth it.

The official rates are managed by the Institution for the Conservation of the Gondola. In daytime service they are € 80 for 40 minutes for 6 people and if you want to add 20 minutes, € 40 more. From 19 to 8 hours, the rate increases by 25%. The main stops They are San Marco, Ponte Rialto, Train Station and Hotel Danieli.

You should always ask the gondolier before if he will respect the official fare for the trip. If not, you can negotiate with him. Another possibility is to share with more people, travel and expenses. You can choose the route, although there are several established. Taking routes through more remote neighborhoods, avoiding the Grand Canal, allows you to enjoy little busy channels with great charm.

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