A Journey to the Fortress of Ucles

Located in which today it is the seat and home of the order of Santiago and the Santiago freires, the monastery or fortress of Ucles is erected, a huge series of walls, buttresses, tall towers crenellated in medieval style.


Which has not had all the necessary and worthy study of this magnificent work of architecture,


The style of architecture used in the monastery is a fusion of late classical and Gothic stone architecture. Built around a two-tiered staircase, with a huge brick and rock wall that circulates the monastery, its impressive and beautiful double tower facade, which in the middle has the sculpture of the apostle San Jaime. Inside you can see two spheres that within them have the face of a gentleman and a lady, are the effigies of the great masters of the order. The knight represents Carlos V, the emperor. And the one that looks like a lady, is actually a skull, which represents the bad taste left by the conqueror Alvaro de Luna. A walk inside the castle always leads to the central courtyard a huge and square courtyard where there is a small fountain in the center, surrounded by large pillars that support the balconies of the second square.


Upon entering we observe the chapels of great interest

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