A new way of travel: Alternative accommodation

Lately, a new way of travel has been developed, especially extended among the young and not so young.

This new travel concept replaces traditional accommodation with other alternatives, such as coach-surfing, which is basically that the owner of a home offers you his sofa so you can spend the night (originally for free). Similar options have emerged to this option and with greater boom consisting of renting rooms in own apartments or full apartments for a couple of nights.

Alternatives to traditional accommodation

The constant increase in this way of traveling has been such that new companies have got to work to be able to profit from this new market.

A good example of this is the company, which offers both hostels and b & b rooms, apartments, houses, chalets and castles all over the world. The purpose is to offer travelers a wide range of possibilities when choosing the destination that best suits their preferences and where they want to stay throughout their vacations.

This type of lodging is revolutionizing the way we do tourism that we know so far. It allows us to enjoy the adventure of being able to spend your holidays in a beautiful apartment in Berlin, or in an apartment in the center of Seville without paying prices only suitable for the pocket of a few.

Visit Berlin from another point of view

Personally, what I like most about this type of alternative accommodation is the opportunity to live a city. Those of us who enjoy traveling are not satisfied with knowing a city, we want to live it and that is much more complicated from a hotel room. So if you want to enjoy a more local, more authentic point of view, and why not say, more native this can be a great discovery.

In addition, if you are a great adventurer and enjoy not only traveling but also like to do it alone, the accommodation model presented by gives you the opportunity to meet people. Something that will certainly enrich your trip considerably. And if you have not tried it yet, take this opportunity to encourage you. I think we should all travel alone at least once in a lifetime.

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