Accommodation – Argentina

In general the quality of lodging in Argentina is good. You will see that the categories work more or less like in Europe.
Camping - Argentina

You will find numerous campsites on the outskirts of cities like Mendoza and Cordova. It is important that you go well equipped since it is not easy to find specialized stores. If your destination is Patagonia, don't forget to bring warm clothes even if it's summer. You will see that in some they rent cabins, especially in the mountains, it is a good option if you do not travel alone.

The hostels You will find them in big cities and in very tourist areas. There are small reductions in case of having a hostel card but it is not mandatory. There is also no age limit in youth hostels.
Hostel in Patagonia - Argentina

He rent of rooms in private homes It is quite widespread, although the quality is very variable. It is a good way to mix with Argentines and have a closer experience. Anyway I recommend that you inform yourself before.

The hostels or pensions They are less and less common and for the most part disappoint in terms of quality – price since there is not much difference with the hotels.

The Hotels They are generally of inferior quality to what we are used to in Spain, which means that a three star there would probably be a two star here. Of course, there are exceptions.
Hotel in Rosario - Argentina

Normally it is customary to leave the accommodation around 10 in the morning.

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