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Despite being a small country, Belgium enjoy having a wide variety of accommodation.

Most camping sites are in the Ardennes (west) and on the coast. The quality of these establishments is very good. Most have all the amenities such as showers, bathrooms, shops, and even rooms. The "Verblijftaks" or City Tax is included in the account. During the summer on the coast, 25% is added to the price at most rates. In any case, you can camp anywhere as long as an agreement is reached with the land owner.

Camping in Belgium

In Belgium It is common to travel by bicycle. For those people there are places of Bed & Breakfast all over the country. The stay does not exceed € 17 per night. However, you must pay an additional € 9 for membership in this scheme. In the Ardennes area and in polders farms are common places for accommodation. You can even participate in daily work.

There are two associations of youth hostels: "Vlaamse JeugdHerbergen" (Flemish Youth Hostels) working in the area of Flanders and "Les Auberges de Jeunesse" (Youth Hostels, or LAJ in short) in the Francophone (southwest) area. The hostels of the first are large, quite organized and frequently used by schools and youth groups. The properties of LAJ are smaller and less formal.

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There is also a network of hostels in the mountain area of Wallonia (to the south) called "Gites d'Etape" (Mountain Hostels). These offer both individual and group accommodation. Its proximity to the ski resorts make them ideal for lovers of that sport.

For all Belgium there are villas, apartments, rooms and bungalows for the holiday period. They have all the necessary furniture and give you the option of living the trip at your own pace. The rental prices are determined by the number of rooms, location and season. Most of these stores are located on the coast of Flanders.

Ostend in Belgium

Finally, Belgium has a wide range of Hotels ranging from those of 5 stars to the most basic. The most luxurious can be found in cities like Antwerp, Brussels, Witches, etc.

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