Accommodation – Bilbao

The offer of accommodation in Bilbao has continued, along with the city A process of development and expansion. Currently the options of Hotels and accommodation in general they have multiplied before the increasing number of visitors.

There is a whole range of low-cost hotel options especially in and around the center of Bilbao. Many can be found in the Estuary of the Nervion, around of the Circular Square The Hotels on the street Barrencalle They are known for being very close to the city's nightlife, but for that reason being very busy. For price around 60 euros a night they offer basic equipment and, of course, a good location to the main attractions.

The Hotels 3 to 5 stars are usually on the outskirts of the city in the regions of Deusto and Getxo and close to Airport (for those who go for business). There are numerous coastal hotels at a very short distance from the center from Bilbao. The majority focuses on the Bakio Beach, La Arena Muskiz Beach and the Gorliz and Plentzia Beach, which offer an enviable location for being close to the city. Prices range between 60 and 120 euros a night. All normally offer Internet connections, satellite television and spas.

The hostels They are a good economic option that offers good equipment even surpassing the Hotels of 2 stars. It is not uncommon to find them with private bathrooms, heating and air conditioning, and – more vitally still – internet connections. Prices are even lower than Hotels.

The pensions they are more basic than Hotels and hostels. They do not usually have private bathrooms. However, the treatment is very good, almost familiar. You can enjoy homemade meals and clean rooms. The best is the price of a room Simple is below 50 euros.

The apartments They provide comfort and privacy. They are usually aimed at families. The prices They are from 150 euros for three days in low season and 375 euros in high season.

Finally, if your budget is loose and you want to know one of the most luxurious and traditional hotels in the city, you should go to Carlton at Ensanche district. Since 1919, several illustrious guests have passed through its halls and it has been declared a national monument of architectural, historical and cultural importance. Do not expect rates lower than 200 euros.

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