Accommodation – China

He accommodation in China It is varied, but there are some sites that are prohibited to foreigners.

Among the options, the hostels They are the most extensive, comfortable and least priced option. Its main clients are foreigners. In fact they usually have employees who speak English and can even provide transportation cheap Around the town or city. Some serve western foods, which can be a relief after so much rice and noodles. All villages have at least one lodging house, and in large cities there are several options. You can book online, but it is always good to have the confirmation printed.

Lower price options include rooms (宿舍) generally located in universities, near rural tourist attractions or in some Hotels. The bathrooms are shared and traditionally Chinese (squat toilets), and the showers only have cold water. The "Zhusu" (住宿) are translated as "accommodation”, But they refer to rooms located in houses or buildings. They are not allowed to foreigners, but you can always negotiate. The prices they are very low And the homey atmosphere is good. The signs are never translated into English, but if you recognize the characters, you will be making a bargain.

As to Hotels, those of 3 to 4 stars are very comfortable and not very expensive. The prices for room They range from ¥ 150 (17 euros) to more than ¥ 300 (34 euros), depending on luxury. All usually have western standards, with private bathrooms with towels and other complementary objects. The breakfasts may be included Or you can buy a voucher for around ¥ 10 (1.10 euros). The chains Most common and known are JJ Inn, Rujia Home Inn and Motel 168.

The Hotels plus luxurious usually belong to international chains like the Marriot, Hyatt or Shangri-La. These can cost thousands of yuan per night. For example, there are suites in Shanghai which cost ¥ 10,000 (1,137 euros) per night. Some Hotels in the range of ¥ 400-700 (44 to 74 euros) as the Ramada or the Days Inn usually lower their prices if it is low season.

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