Accommodation – Finland

The forests and lakes of Finland They are a pride for their inhabitants. The great offer of accommodation It shows that they are willing to appreciate and share the beauty of their land.

In that sense, there are more than 475,000 Rural houses. Many of them are located around the banks of the lakes, but there is a good number near the ski resorts in Lapland. A simple house can be around 20 euros a night; while a mansion can exceed 200. Almost all have electricity, but it is quite common that they lack drinking water. In addition, most likely there are no shops or restaurants nearby, so renting a car is a must. The largest rental companies are Lomarengas and Nettimökki.

Cottage in Finland

If you want to have even greater contact with nature, the camping It is very widespread in the country. There is no way to run out of space: there are more than 330 spaces dedicated to camping, of which 70 work throughout the year. These offer all the basic services.

Also in Finland to camp fresh air It is a right. That is, you have the option of putting your tent in any forest as long as you comply with the law and have a fire permit. So if you have always wanted to live by picking berries and mushrooms or fishing your lunch, this is an ideal option. Remember that camping in winter is not the best idea since the temperature is around -20 ° C.

Camping in Finland

An alternative option is to stay on a Finnish farm. Not only will you have service beds and breakfasts, but you will have an excellent opportunity to try some rural life. There are around 150 and prices are the most accessible in the market.

However, if the comfort of civilization suits you, Finland It has a large network hotel. Apart from the usual international chains, there are local luxury chains such as Cumulus, Scandic and Sokos. If you want something cheaper, the Omena company offers a network of Hotels Self-service In general, prices for a double room in the country vary between 50 and 420 euros (including taxes).

Finland Hotel

It is important to note that almost all accommodations in Finland include saunas. Service hours vary, although they are usually heated in the afternoon.

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