Accommodation – Hungary

It is very important that when choosing a accommodation You already have knowledge of the main attractions of the city, so that your location is central. Another important issue is that if it is within your means it is better that you book early and inform yourself about offers or promotions of hotels, pensions or apartments.

In this opportunity we will offer you two options, the Grand Hotel Margitsziget, is located on the Island of the same name, on the banks of the Danube, in the heart of the park. It is ten or fifteen minutes from downtown, to get closer to the nearest tram or subway stop you must take a bus.

Accommodation in Margitsziget Island

A four-star hotel that offers a treatment center thanks to its hot Springs. The rooms have a cost of 55 euros a night, are very spacious and have a terrace overlooking the park. The hotel is located in a building of XIX century and enjoys great environments full of history, charm and peace.

Hot springs in lodgings

In the Heviz Lake You have the option of staying at the Hunguest Hotel Helios, located in the nature conservation park. In this lake you can bathe outdoors every day of the year and take advantage of its healing effects, between the hotel and the lake you will have to travel only 500 meters. You can count on a wide range of double rooms and suites, they will offer you excellent wellness services such as steam baths, solarium, infrared sauna, etc.

Waters of Lake Heviz

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