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The Hotels in Iceland They vary in size, location and personality. There are international chains in Reykjavik, as well as Hotels operated by families, especially in the countryside. Some include breakfast buffet in the price, others do not. Most will have parking and will assist you with tours and excursions.

The Hotels Urban are well located in areas of restaurants, shops and attractions. In addition, they open throughout the year. In the case of the rural ones, many work only in summer, but they have an excellent view from the rooms: the ocean, the hills, rivers and mountains.

Reykjavik Hotel

The Bed & Breakfast They are smaller than hotels, but they are almost always in quiet neighborhoods. They offer breakfasts and give all the facilities for you to prepare your own meals. Only one or two rooms come with a private kitchen. Generally, they are only open during the summer.

If you want to get away from urban life, the farms in Iceland They are a comfortable and economical option. There are more than 150 farms that offer about 4,000 beds. They include food and activities — such as horse riding, fishing, hunting and even playing golf. You can stay in the farm house or be in one of the summer houses built on the property. These can accommodate up to twelve people. There is a central reservation office. His website is:

Iceland farms

To be more in touch with nature, there are 125 sites of camping. Most of them are open between June and August, sometimes until mid-September depending on their location. The price of camping in national parks supervised by the Natural Conservation Council is 5 euros for adults and free of charge for children. Others cost between 4 and 6 euros depending on the amenities they offer (showers, washing machines, kitchens, etc.). We recommend you book early because it is a very common activity among Icelanders. Camping outside the designated sites is illegal.

Camping in Iceland

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