Accommodation in a Castle of Europe

Europe has thousands of castles. That today are used in various ways. Many of them are currently used as hotels. Where the visitor will feel treated like royalty.

We will show you some of the most important hotel-castles in Europe:

The Castillo Glin Hotel: It shows splendid gardens of fruits and vegetables. Its hotel facilities are among the best in Europe. It is in Ireland.


The Liebenstein Castle Hotel: It is a beautiful hotel in which the objects of the time in which they were used by great characters are appreciated. It is in front of Sterrenberg Castle. They are known as the "enemy brothers." It is in Germany.

The Domaine de la Tortinière Hotel: It has a nice furniture of the time. And it is surrounded by beautiful gardens. It is in France.


The Thornbury Castle Hotel: In it you will rest from the chambers of royalty. Where you will feel the tranquility of living in a castle. We found it in England.

The Castelletto di Montebenichi Hotel: It offers for its guests a medieval accommodation. It is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. It is in Italy.

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