Accommodation in castles of Scotland

This experience can only be lived in a country like Scotland, staying in a castle is a real luxury and pleasure, connotes not only elegance but also power. The best thing about this accommodation is that there is one for every need. While you can settle in a five-star, very luxurious castle, you will also find a castle that allows you to cook and use all its facilities to feel like the same owner.

Not only are the interiors full of history, and memories of extinct royal lineages, but their surroundings are equally wonderful. Dare to stay in one of them, there are different prices and throughout the country.

Glengarry Castle Hotel, although it is closed for winter, from March 2010 you can enjoy its facilities, it is a beautiful country house located in the heart of the Highlands. You will find Bed & Breakfast service, as well as luxury, prices are around 45 and 102 pounds.

Facade Glengarry Castle Hotel

The Sherbrooke Castle Hotel, it is a very prestigious castle in the residential area of ​​Glasgow. It is located five minutes from downtown and ten minutes from the airport. It has 13 double rooms and 5 suites. The cheapest room is 28 pounds and 105 the most expensive.

The Sherbrooke Castle Hotel

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