Accommodation – Ireland

Ireland offers an overwhelming variety of accommodation. There are places for all budgets and tastes.

To start are the Bed & Breakfast. These places are all over Ireland, even in the smallest villages. They are a good option to live with the Irish and try their famous and abundant breakfasts. In a few cases the rooms come with a private bathroom, but most have a television. Prices and taxes are low, making it a very good option if the budget is limited. Just keep in mind that the quality of this type of accommodation can be very variable since they do not have any official regulation.

Ireland people

most of hostels in Ireland They consist of old buildings with very basic rooms where up to 12 people can enter. Bathrooms and small kitchens are shared. The advantage is that it is located in the center of the cities, close to the nightlife. The quality standard can also be very variable, especially in urban areas.

As in other countries, there are Hotels of all shapes and sizes. From old houses, to modern buildings. Just keep in mind that the older the building is, the smaller the room will be.

Luxury hotel in Ireland

In Ireland The ultimate luxury in accommodation is in castles and country hotels. Many have their own golf course, spas and famous chefs. Some like him Dromoland Castle They are used for state visits. Others, like him Burren Castle They are as authentic as a castle in Las Vegas.

Ireland Castle

But if you are someone who does not want to depend on anyone; he camping, he Apartments rent and the caravans They are the most common in Ireland. In the case of camping, remember that Ireland has an average of 150 days of rainfall per year. Therefore it is advisable to camp in June and July, the driest months. He Apartments rent or Rural houses It is a good idea if you want to spend time with family or friends, but it is not if you plan to go sightseeing. Caravans, on the other hand, are much more flexible, but by law you can only park in authorized places.

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