Accommodation – Luxembourg

There are more than 197 hotels in Luxembourg. There are all prices and tastes. The classification system is voluntary so there may be Hotels First class without any stars to prove it.

Luxembourg luxury hotel

Keep in mind that there is great activity in the cities of both the European Union and banks. This makes hotels more expensive. It is common for people to stay across the border (Trier in Germany is only 40 minutes away) and during the day sightseeing in the duchy as tickets are cheap.

If you do not want to make the trip every day, nor do you want to pay too much, there are hostels youth in all major towns and cities as Beaufort, Bourglinster, Echternach, Hollenfels, Larochette, Lultzhausen, Luxembourg City, Vianden and Wiltz. They are comfortable, and the cost is low. To check prices and locations visit the Association's website hostels juveniles:

Hostel in Luxembourg

Being a financial and international center does not prevent the practice of camping. There are more than 108 spaces dedicated to this type of accommodation. Prices vary according to the facilities and location offered by each. Prices in high season can reach € 50 per night. For more information check the website of the Association of camping site owners:

Camping in Luxembourg

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