Accommodation – Menorca

The variety and difference of services of accommodation in Menorca They are a sign that distinguishes the island.

Holiday apartments

The offer includes, hotels of all qualities, apart-hotel, holiday apartments, hostels, rural hotels, residences and a variety of vacation homes, from apartments and small houses to luxurious villas. The Menorca Citadel also has a Vacations city with 3 stars, the maximum possible in its category.

Rent a house in Menorca

The quality of hotel establishments is very high and meets the needs of increasingly demanding travelers. The island has very modern hotels based on the philosophy of tourist and environmental quality. Fortunately, there are few accommodations that have achieved the "Q" from Spanish tourist quality That certifies them.

Accommodation in Menorca

To rent some kind of holiday home, whether they are rural houses, apartments or villas, you should know that there are holiday rental agencies They work on the island. In addition, the vast majority can be contacted through the internet. The agencies make available to the tourist videos and photographs of the properties along with the information of the villages where they are located. It is often the case that if it is a large group of travelers or a very long stay it is cheaper to hire a rental.

If what you prefer is the camping, there are two that open from April to September. One of them in S’Atalaia and the other in Alaior. The rates for seniors is around € 7, to which you must add the car, electricity and the store.

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