Accommodation – Monaco

Monaco It is a destination not suitable for a tight budget. The offer of accommodation It is intended for people without qualms to spend large sums of money.

Proof of this is the 18 Hotels luxury with which Monaco has, most in Monte Carlo. The Hermitage, Hotel Paris, Monte Carlo Bay Resort, are some of the most select and expensive Hotels of the Principality. All have varied architectural styles, whether classic, Belle Époque, Romantic, Mediterranean or contemporary. A single room in one of these hotels can be in the range between € 400 and € 900. In return you enjoy personalized services, comforts and unsurpassed location. The hotels are classified from 1 to 4 luxury stars.

Paris hotel in Monaco

Hotels such as the Columbus Hotel, Alexandra Hotel, or Ambassador are a more affordable option but not for that economic. The prices are between € 100 and € 210 a night. Not everyone has their own bathrooms. In terms of location, several of them remain in the city, although not far from the beach. Those with a light sleep will have to endure the powerful engines of the Ferraris, Lamborghinis, or Porches that circulate normally.

Ambassador Hotel of Monaco

Unlike many European destinations, Monaco only has one lodging house from youth, the Hotel Le Versailles. The per room are approximately € 60 and does not include breakfast or bathrooms. It is quite well located very close to the beach and the train station.

If prices still seem high, a good option is to stay in villages outside Monaco like Ventimiglia (Italy) and Nice (France). Both are not more than half an hour away and train tickets are cheap. The Hotels Two stars will cost you around € 20 per person.

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