Accommodation – Morocco

He accommodation in Morocco It is a matter of taste and budget. The options range from classic luxury hotels to much more traditional and different places.

The hostels They can be found throughout the country, especially in small rural towns. They are built with traditional mud (kasbah). Many come with campfires, lounges or rooftop terraces for meals. They are usually very comfortable, small and family run. Other rural options include inns (Gîtes d’étape), which especially serve mountaineers to take baths, eat and rest.

In cities like Marrakech, Essaouira or Fez, there are small hotels in old houses known as riads. They are small (about 6 rooms or less), clean and charming. They usually have interior gardens where breakfast is served or rooftop terraces. Some have small pools for the summer months.

More regular options include youth hostels They can be found in major cities or 1 to 2 star hotels. Prices are between 20 to 30 euros. Many of these places do not offer hot water and in others you will have to pay between 5 and 10 additional euros. The Hotels 3 to 4 stars are cleaner and modern. But prices start at 40 euros. Most of these premises have rooftop terraces for hot days.

The Hotels plus luxurious they are in the cities like Marrakech, Fez or White House. Many of them have spa services, gyms, swimming pools and parks full of bougainvillea, palm trees and olive trees. The prices are between 380 and 1000 euros.

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