Accommodation – New York

New York has some of the Hotels most expensive in the world. The best cheap and more like a lodging house They have prices above $ 50. Budget hotels with shared bathrooms can cost between $ 100 to $ 200. Only hotels with decent rooms and a restaurant or room service are between $ 250 to $ 350. This amount is much higher in the luxury hotels with ranges from $ 495 to $ 1795 per night, like the New York Palace, he Ritz-Carlton, or the Plaza Hotel.

Keep in mind that quality varies greatly between Hotels. Many cheap hotels Far from the center of the city can be a cheaper option, but also terrible. The accommodation in New Jersey, Queens or long Island they have good places and transportation to the city it's simple.

Taxes can drastically alter the price final. Those include state and city sales taxes (8,875%), the occupancy of Hotels in the city (varies, but rooms over $ 40, pay $ 2 + 5.875%) and a surcharge of $ 1.50. So if you pay $ 100 for a room, expect to pay $ 117.75.

Other options include Bed & Breakfast, which are a kind of rental of apartments economic, since it may not include cleaning service and rooms They are usually very small. Remember to be very thorough in the questions about what it includes (private bathrooms, payments, beds, location of metro stops) as it could be a bad deal.

If you want to feel the experience of living in New York, can rent a apartment and save some money preparing your own food. They are usually very comfortable and can accommodate more people than one room. Daily prices are between $ 135 – $ 450 and range from studios to 3 apartments rooms. Normally a minimum stay of 4 nights is requested.

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