Accommodation – Norway

Norway it has a great variety of Hotels, since the Hotels of large chains and modern design, up to ice hotels, Hotels spa and Hotels of mountain managed by families. most of Hotels It offers discounts during weekends and summer, as well as special family prices.

Oslo Radisson Hotel

A cheaper option is to stay in youth hostels and family members. A single bedroom costs between 12 and 38 euros, while a double bedroom is between NOK 38 to 76. He hostel Always provide the pillows and comforters, but you will have to bring your own bedding or rent it at the hostel.

The main companies of hostels they are: Hostelling International and VIP Backpackers Resorts International. Both chains offer good standard accommodations in pleasant surroundings. You will find guests of all ages and nationalities.

The country houses they are scattered all over Norway: on the coast, the fjords, forests, valleys and mountains. Some are available for very short periods; others, for a minimum of one week. There are all categories, from austere to very luxurious. The average prices are in 38 to 76 euros.

Norway cabin

There are also the fishermen's cabins Norway, the "rorbus", today enjoy enormous popularity, both among locals and foreigners. They offer you the experience of having a village life and there are many opportunities to go fishing, on your own or as part of a crew. A two-room “rorbu” costs from 78 euros per night. It is advisable to book them well in advance, especially if you are going to Norway in the months of July and August. You can find the directory of the main “rorbus” here:

Norwegian fishermen

He camping in Norway It's free. This brings certain responsibilities. You cannot be near or on private property In addition, it is forbidden to make a campfire outdoors or next to wooded areas between April 15 and September 15. During the rest of the year, you must be cautious. There are also sites of camping They are rated between 1 to 5 stars depending on the amenities.

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