Accommodation – Peru

In Lima and in the main cities of Peru, you can find a wide variety of accommodation alternatives.

If you like nature you will find Campsites where you can set up your tent – after paying access to the area – or rent one (the average rental price is 3 euros per night per person). This type of accommodation is more common in the coastal region because of its warm weather.

The Hostels They are for tourists who will only sleep in them one or two days, that is, they are passing through the city. Prices vary according to the location and time of the year, the average price being 5 euros per night.

If you travel in a group and to an area where you practice adventure sports, it will be common for you to find the so-called Bungalows, which are small cabins for up to 10 people that are rented for days or weeks.

In Peru you will find a wide variety of HostelsHowever, very few are recommended for the accommodation of a person who wishes to do tourism in the country.

Hotel Monasterio

Both in Lima and in the main cities of the country you will find Hotels 2 to 5 stars, many of them recognized worldwide as the Hotel Monasterio located in Cuzco, where the single room has an average price of 280 to 300 euros a night.

For executives traveling on business, the Apartments rent for days and weeks. They are equipped with internet, satellite television, utensils, appliances, and everything you need for your stay.

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