Accommodation – Portugal

The Hotels they are varied in Portugal. It all depends on the budget and the amenities you want to count on. If you are looking for luxury, the network of Hotels the most luxurious in the country are the “Pousadas de Portugal" They are known for being located in palaces and castles, and for having very good service.

Portugal Inns

If you do not want castles, but live like a typical Portuguese "Residential"They are your thing. These houses are not only economical – a double room can cost 25 to 35 euros – but they give you a warm and homely atmosphere. A similar, albeit less personal, experience is to stay in the "country houses" that are houses of Bed & Breakfast. To have experiences far from the traditional, the hostels Youth have several locations throughout the country. The website of this type of accommodation is:

Cheap Hostels in Portugal

The sites of camping They are spread mostly in the north. They are usually public, although there are also sites reserved for partners. The latter are identified with the letter "P". They are rated from 1 to 4 stars or as Rural (close to agricultural fields) depending on the amenities they offer. To stay in one of these sites you must present your passport or identity document.

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