Accommodation – Rome

The accommodation in Rome is very special. You can find a very wide variety from humble pensions to historic luxury palaces. All categorized with the one to five star system, but with the particularity that it does not take into account either the price or the treatment given to the passenger, just look for the facilities.

Torcrescenza Castle, Rome

The rates vary according to the distance to the historic center where, regardless of the category of your accommodation, you will pay much more than if you move a little towards the periphery.

The cheaper accommodations They do not usually include breakfast among the services offered, they charge it separately. It is convenient for you to have breakfast outside as it may be cheaper and of better quality. Nor do they usually have air conditioning, which in summer will become very necessary.

But if your budget allows you you can stay in a nineteenth palace of great luxury and feel like a king with maximum comfort. There you are guaranteed luxury, with unique artistic and architectural details.

Grand Hotel della Minerva, Rome

There are also very modern hotels that are located in the surrounding neighborhoods, so you will gain in comforts at not so high prices. Sleep overlooking the Coliseum in Rome it has a high price! That is your decision.

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