Accommodation – Scotland

Diversity in regards to accommodation is the biggest feature of Scotland. If you go as a backpacker you can find very good youth hostels, as well as five-star hotels in luxurious residences if you want to spend a luxury holiday. You just have to know what your needs are and a variety of search engines online will help you find the ideal accommodation.

The Ayre Hotel

The Ayre Hotel, located in Kirkwall, the largest town and the capital of the Órcadas Islands. It is a beautiful hotel that accepts children and animals. The rates range between 70 and 190 euros per night, include breakfast and even dinner.

Missoni Hotel, a few steps from Edinburgh Castle, is located in the heart of the city. The prices are a bit higher, from 160 euros to 300 per night.

Missoni Edimburgh Hotel

Crowne Plaza Glasgow, you are located on the banks of the Clyde River. Its facilities are ideal for business trips, the distance between the attractions of the city, are just a few steps away.

Apex Hotels, located in the city of Edinburgh, its double rooms are priced from 115 euros.
Premier Inn Aberdeen, north of the city. It is an excellent place to get away from the stress and bustle of the city.

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