Accommodation – Spain

In Spain we can highlight the variety and quality in all types of accommodation.

If we think of Hotels We have to remember that in Spain most of the chains in the world are present. Among the most prominent, the spanish chain Sol MeliΓ‘ which occupies the first place in the ranking of hotels in Spain, has both urban how holiday and is present in all tourist areas.

Hotel La Residencia, Mallorca

The National Paradores Spaniards deserve a special section, they are characterized by being in privileged places such as monasteries, or palaces. Its services are of the highest category for the most demanding.

Parador Santiago Room

We must not forget the Bed and Breakfastnor the hostels and pensions, with which we can save a lot of money without giving up the comfort and careful attention of their owners. This is a good way to integrate with the locals.

The accommodation in Rural houses It is a very interesting option because this type of accommodation is usually in places of special interest for our trip and the environment allows activities such as hiking, excursions and adventure sports.

B&B Asturias

The Youth Hostels They are not exclusively for students. Staying in them you will be sure to have an excellent location in any urban center, the best environment and the proximity to all the means of transport of the city you visit. They are throughout Spain and their prices are excellent without lacking quality and services.

If you are looking to rent a tourist apartment, There are many qualities, you must choose very well. All the tourist centers have, I advise you to contact the local tourist offices, they can advise you.

Camping Laspaules Huesca

He camping It is the best choice if you come with your backpack, those in Spain are of high quality and are located in places with great natural beauty. For a good price you can be in close contact with nature.

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