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If something is not lacking Sweden is your offer of accommodation. For starters, if you have a comfortable budget you can't stop going to the castles or Hotels country. The lakes, rivers, forests and golf courses that surround them form landscapes that seem to be taken from a painting. He Grythyttans Castle in Västmanland and the Kronovalls Palace In Skåne they are known internationally for their luxury.

Palace in Sweden

In order not to be too far from the tourist places, the Hotels Urban also offer good options. There is a whole spectrum of prices and services. Everyone agrees to include the abundant Swedish buffet "smörgåsbord" at breakfast. The lowest prices are during mid-June and August.

If you're just looking for a place to sleep, the hostelThey give all the comforts and the prices are quite modest. They are all over the country, even in mountain areas. The average price is 100 to 200 crowns per night. More than 300 hostels are under the supervision of the Swedish Tourism Association. Therefore you can expect the quality to be good.

On the other hand, the Rural houses They are an option for those who want to get away from cities and not pay too much. There is an offer of some 13,000 houses in various natural environments: from the northern mountains to the southern beaches. If you want something more historical you can rent a house on the outskirts of Visby (island of Gotland), one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world.

Cottage in Sweden

For lovers of camping, specialized sites are located in the most beautiful natural areas. They are usually close to the water and offer all amenities. Some spaces also have rooms if you don't feel like using the tent. There are more than 100,000 places of camping and they are usually open all year. However, all this has a basic requirement: to stay the State asks to have the card "Camping Card Scandinavia" (Svenskt Campingkort) with the updated seal of validity. You can buy it in Sweden or you can request one at:

The price is not very expensive – only 130 crowns (about 13 euros) – and offers a number of advantages such as insurance and sales.

Camping in Sweden

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