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He accommodation from Switzerland It is known for its quality, which translates into high demand. This is a constant since Hotels luxury to youth hostels.

Each city or town has a varied offer of Hotels. For example Geneva has more than 83 Hotels to offer. Zurich It has 86 hotels of varied qualities, from those located in the heart of the financial district, to the old town. All the Hotels They include in their rates an additional 15% for service and sometimes an additional position depending on the location.

Boutique hotels in Switzerland

Two important things should be noted. The first is that the association with the Schweizer Hotelier Verein (SHV or Hotel Association Switzerland), it is voluntary that it is normal for a first level hotel to have no stars. The second is that several hotels in Switzerland Children are not allowed Check with the hotel of your choice before traveling. For a complete directory of hotels Switzerland check the following web page:

For those who do not want to complicate or have a limited budget, the youth hostels they are very common in Switzerland. We recommend you notify your arrival at least 5 days in advance. If you are a member of the International Federation of Youth Hostels You will have reduced prices. For more information consult:

Hostels in Switzerland

The locals Bed & Breakfast they are not lacking in Switzerland, and more and more. They are the best way to be in touch with the local culture. Each of them is strictly supervised by the Tourism Federation of Switzerland. The website of this type of accommodation is as follows:

As for the camping There are more than 600 authorized locations throughout the country. Free camping is prohibited in most parts of the country. It is difficult to find space during the summer, so it is advisable to book a few months in advance. To book check this website:

Camping in Switzerland

If you are looking for something different there are several unconventional options. Ecological hotels, igloo villas in the Alps, old monasteries, or farms (where you will sleep in straw beds). It all depends on your sense of adventure. Check this website for more information:

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