Accommodation – Tahiti

The island of Tahiti is characterized by having very different accommodations than the traditional bungalows of the other Polynesian islands. In Tahiti you can stay in multi-storey buildings and contemporary styles.

On the island there are four luxury hotels:

The Intercontinental Resort Tahiti, and the Le Meridien.

These hotels also offer standard amenities such as simple rooms, and also offer bungalows on the crystal clear water of white-sand beaches.

View of Manava Suite Resort Tahiti

The other two hotels are located on the outskirts of Papeete. The hotels have large and comfortable rooms and relaxing spas.

The Radisson Plaza Resort Tahiti, near a dark sand beach.

The Hilton Hotel Tahiti, which has an artificial beach.

The Sofitel Tahiti Maeva Beach Resort, and the Manava Suite Resort Tahiti, are also luxury hotels and are located on the coast of Punaauia, near the airport and Pappete. They are located in front of golden sand beaches.

Restaurant of the Intercontinental Resort Tahiti

In the center of Papeete there are hotels with basic amenities and not very high price for tourists.

Some of these hotels are: The Pacific Hotel Kon Tiki, Le Mandarin Noa Noa, Tahiti Nui, Prince Hinoi Noa Noa, and the Tiare Tahiti Noa Noa.

These accommodation places do not have access to the beaches. There is only one hotel in this category that has a beach, Le Royal Tahitien. It has a black sand beach and is located in the suburb of Pirae.

There are inns on the island, some are between Papeete and Punaauia, near the airport and the city, the others are located at the far end of Papeete, in Tahiti Iiti.

Hiti Moana Villa

Between Papeete and Punaauia are the Le Relais Fenua, Te Nahe Toetoe, and Taaroa Lodge, both with beach and Pensión de la Plage.

In Tahiti Iti are located the Hiti Moana Villa, the Vanira Lodge, the A Pueu Village, the Chayan Guesthouse and the Punatea Village, the last two with beaches.

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