Accommodation – Tahiti

Tahiti serves as a door to reach the other islands of the French Polynesia, many tourists decide to overlook this island and continue towards Bora Bora, for example. Luckily another large number of tourists decides to stay in Tahiti and enjoy its beaches, its people and its hotels. That's why we give you some ideas to look for accommodation when you arrive.

Beautiful hotels in Tahiti

Hotel Méridien It is located southeast of Papeete, that is why it is listed as the farthest from the city. The distance from the airport is nine kilometers, 20 minutes by car. But its facilities are worth doing the whole tour because the landscape and natural environment that you find here is unmatched. It has a huge pool with sand bottom PeacefulOr, a beautiful lagoon and a specialized restaurant. These days it is being remodeled, but the natural environment is priceless.

Hotel Méridien

He Royal Tahitien Hotel, is very particular because it is half hotel and half family pension, it is located in the east Papeete and the surrounding sand is black. It is a lodging where you can feel at home, its decoration preserves elements of the 60's, so if you are a lover of that time you will love the place.

Royal Tahitien Hotel

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