Accommodation – Turkey

He accommodation in Turkey It has undergone a major transformation in recent years. The arrival of tourism has benefited its development.
Many are the hotels that have the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism or from the local authorities and you can recognize them because they carry the classification of “Tourist”. This indication means that they comply with the quality standards imposed.

Hotels and resorts They have an infinite variety in Turkey, you can choose a spa or a hotel with a golf course. The tariff range is very wide and accommodated, varying by location. Seasonality is also noted in the prices. You can pay approximately € 110 for a double room at a 4 or 5 star resort Istanbul and € 400 in the area of Bodrum.

The official classification of hotels of Turkey is with stars. They range from 1 star (tek yildizli) up to 5 stars (5 yildizli) of category. In the case of pensions and holiday villas, are from first class (1sinif) and second class (2 sinif).

Given the great variety of accommodation of the country, you can choose among other possibilities. There are pensions in the main tourist destinations: Ankara, Ephesus, Marmaris or Antalya. In the coastal areas from the Mediterranean and Aegean is also possible rent villas and apartments. The typical turkish houseOrnate Muslim style can also be rented at reasonable prices.

While the campsites They are spread throughout the Turkish territory, the facilities are somewhat limited. A good option to save money is to stay in Youth Hostels, in Turkey there are excellent quality, so they are highly recommended and the bed in Istanbul costs from € 8. He Yücelt Interyouth Hostel from Istanbul is a member of Hostelling International. You can get more information at

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