Accommodation – Valencia

Finding accommodation in Valencia is a simple task. The city has the widest range you could need.

Valencia hotels

The Hotels of the city range from the simplest to the most sophisticated of the big chains such as Eurostars, Hilton, SH, Barceló, Holiday Inn and many others. Their rates range from € 40 and up, depending on the season and category chosen.

As a cheaper choice we can stay in hostels. Their rates range from € 30 to € 40 per room per day in the city center.

Hostel in Valencia

Of course, if we want to save by making our meals we can opt for other forms of lodging.
The city also has tourist apartments from € 400 a week, in different locations, both in the center and on the beach. You can also hire them per day. All of them with excellent qualities.

Valencia Youth Hostel

If we want to go in a group and stay in a hostel We can find here some highly recommended from € 16 a day, in the city center with all the comforts. They have kitchens so you can prepare your food, wi-fi zone and even laundry.
Bungalow in Valencia Camping

But we can also go to a campingOn the beach there are several possibilities with prices that range around € 6 per person per day, the shop for € 6 and € 14 for the motorhome. These complexes usually offer bungalows at good prices and free entry to the pools for its passengers.

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