Accommodations for tourists in Brazil

Although when you go on a tourist to an unknown country most of the time you spend outside knowing everything possible, it is important to get a nice, quiet and above all safe accommodation. It is there where we will leave our luggage and where we will spend the night. In Brazil the tourist accommodation they are very common, because the tourism It is one of the main activities and source of income of that country.

Tourism in Brazil

The most expensive and luxurious hotels are those in the cities of southern Brazil. Usually many tourists are received at the time of Rio de Janeiro's carnival. Prices tend to rise and it is very important to do the Reservations well in advance.

The city of Salvador of Bahia It has medium-priced hotels and some offer a pension, that is, they include food in the cost of accommodation. Brasilia, the capital has several hotels that have special prices for those who stay a single day. If more stay is needed, prices go up. This is because there are several tourists who only stay a few hours until they travel to Rio or Sao Paulo.

tourist accommodation

Also, in Brazil there are youth hostels where young tourists and travelers can stay. There are almost 100 shelters in the carioca country. All this information can be collected at the Federação Brasileira dos Hostels de Juventude, Rua General Dionisio 63, Rio de Janeiro telephone: (21) 286 0303.

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