Activities in Madrid

If you are thinking of spending a few days in Madrid, but still do not know what activities you can do during your stay, here are a series of alternatives.

Madrid Activities

Panoramic tour in the morning: This is a fascinating morning tour to explore the main attractions of the Spanish capital from another perspective. There is nothing more impressive than traveling on board a hot air balloon and contemplating the imposing monuments, buildings and constructions of Madrid from the top of the sky.

Panoramic tour in the afternoon: If the morning does not seem so attractive, then do it in the afternoon, a good opportunity to witness the sunset in the heart of Madrid. Basically, the afternoon tour is almost the same (sometimes the duration is shorter), passing through the main monuments, building and main avenues.

Company: Planet Hollywood, duration: 2.5 hours. Price: from $ 26.47.

Stroll through Madrid

Madrid tour on a bus: This is the most conventional method to get to know Madrid, aboard a double-decker tourist bus that includes a long tour of the most cultural, historical and artistic side of Madrid. Tour guides are responsible for guiding each route route, walking through the main streets at different times of the day. Depending on your demand, the duration of each trip can be extended up to 2 days.

Type : Day tours in Madrid, available: every day. Prices: from $ 28.44.

Activities in Madrid

Madrid city tour: focused solely on touring the buildings and historical monuments of Madrid. You will not miss the visit to the Bullring, a stop at local restaurants, and other emblematic scenarios that can be extended in 5-hour trips.

Type : Tours in Madrid, available: Saturday – 15:00. Prices: from $ 63.64.

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