Adventure trip to Torla

For all those who love nature and enjoy eco-tourism, walking among green forests, places of unique natural beauty, we recommend you a trip to the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido.


In the town of Torla we find one of the largest natural parks in Spain, where the large forest masses and high rock massifs, which reach up to 400 meters high where a beautiful and rewarding view of Torla and Broto is supposed in its summit.

The national park offers you equipment and courses for beginners, such as open routes for those already advanced in the field of rock climbing! With routes of high levels of difficulty for those already experts, since some of them represent a 90% difficulty. As well as assisted and quite enjoyable climbs, which already have the routes laid out, fully equipped and safe, for those who wish to start or simply experience the adventure, and be able to reach the summit to glimpse the natural landscapes of the region.


In addition, the park has other ways to enjoy the tours, with bridge routes, stairways with handrails, cables, etc … that allow you to enjoy the experience at all ages!


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