Adventures in Genil

For all adrenaline lovers, in the area of ​​travel and extreme sports we take you to the south of the province of Córdoba where you can practice a couple of unusual sports that have to generate a high level of adrenaline! Rafting and ballooning !!!


Rafting on the Genil river with low level reservoir waters, where you can enjoy the rapids in special rafts for this with guides and equipment. Otherwise, there are the levels of initiation and recreation, such as an area of ​​very low level where you can enjoy the most trying to maintain control mounted on inflated tires that run along the river, perfect for those who start in this sport, but surely something equally fascinating!


Balloon ride! From where we can observe the entire city of Cordoba, from its most impressive buildings to its unbeatable fields and plains! A way to achieve incomparable perspectives, without risks and comfortably a quiet way to fly!

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