Adventures in Malpelo Island

With the heat consuming our energies, it is best to take a trip to one of the coasts and cool off while we can enjoy the waves, the water and of course some underwater adventures to appreciate the colorful treasures of the underwater soil, as the beautiful Colombia offers in South America, whose ideal destination for scuba diving is the exotic Malpelo Island.

Image of Malpelo Island

To reach it, you must first land in the Colombian capital, from where you will depart to the famous port of Buenaventura, from here you must take a boat by sea on an interesting and tropical route, which will guide you through high rock formations, which have It has been eroding after some explosions of volcanic origin, erecting above 376 meters high at sea level! As you can also enjoy the diverse flora and fauna of the region, which you will enjoy much more when you descend to the underwater bed of the Malpelo Island, a favorite dive site, offering an interesting tour under the waters, which will guide you through coral colonies and rocky labyrinths.

Without a doubt, the biggest underwater attraction of the Malpelo Island, is its animal beauty, where the impressive hammerhead shark stands out.

Diving on Malpelo Island

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