Aging wine

The aging wine It comes from grapes with excellent skills to evolve over time. That means that it is about maturing the young wine, so that it can have a better smell and taste.

aging wines

This maturity is usually recognized by the most expert tasting palates, but even without being a taster, you can feel the difference.

aging wines cellar

When accompanying the meal, the aging wine gives elegance to the table. But the important thing is to know that wine accompanies the food that will be served.

ciranza white wines

Crianza White Wine

Ode Blanco Chardonnay Barrica, Loriñón Blanco Barrica, Marquis de Alella Allier Barrica, Jean León Chardonnay Barrica, Guilla Blanco, Hoya De Cadenas Blanco Barrica, Castillo Monjardin, Nadal Finca Boadella.

It is ideal to accompany white fish, seafood, soups, cured and soft cheeses.

red aging wines

Red Wine Crianza

Pedrosa Crianza Vineyard, Dofi Tinto Estate, Vall Llach Tinto, Les Terrasses Tinto, Abadal Crianza Cabaret-merlot, Amadis, Solanes Tinto, Balandra.

It usually accompanies red and white meats, rice, mushrooms and blue cheeses.
Great Gregorio Crianza, accompany the appetizers, pasta with sauce, lasagna, artichokes, chicken, rabbit and criadillas.

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