Air Berlin airline analysis: pros and cons

Air Berlin is currently the seventh most important airline in Europe and the second in Germany according to the number of passengers it carries annually. Of German origin, this airline is based in Berlin and operates flights within Germany, throughout Europe and outside the European continent.


Air Berlin is a member of the alliance Oneworld, along with others such as American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific … The objective of this alliance to offer the best possible service and comfort to its passengers.

In addition, there is the bonus called Topbonus, with which passengers can access rates and exclusive products of each airline belonging to this alliance.

Below we list another of the main advantages of choosing Air Berlin as our airline:

  • Etihad Airways partner: since early 2014, Air Berlin and Etihad Airways are partners, which provides numerous advantages to Air Berlin. The main one is that the Air Berlin fleet has a design similar to that of Etihad Airways aircraft, which makes its aircraft have a distribution and features more comfortable for the user. In addition, since then Air Berlin offers a greater number of destinations and services to its customers.
  • Non-stop transoceanic flights: There are many customers who value AirBerlin for the fact that it is one of the few airlines that offer transoceanic direct flights at a good price and without having to stop at an intermediate airport. Thus, an example of this is the New York-Berlin (Tegel) combination, a route for which there is a direct flight.
  • Avant-garde fleet: the new Airbus 330 that Air Berlin has are equipped with the new technologies. In this way, passengers traveling with this airline will find in front of their seat a screen in which one or several films are emitted (depending on the duration of the journey) and connect electronic devices such as the iPad, iPod or iPhone.
  • Excellent catering service: flights with this airline include a free catering service available throughout the journey for those who require it. In addition, the company offers a bottle of water per passenger upon boarding the plane. Although there are all kinds of opinions, the truth is that most passengers are satisfied with the food offered.
  • Ticket Rail & Fly: This ticket arises from the partnership between Deutsche Bahn AG and Air Berlin. Thanks to this agreement, passengers who buy a ticket Rail & Fly they can travel to the airport without additional charges with the German railway company Deutsche Bahn AG when the airport and the departure train station are in different areas within the German public transport network.

It is worth mentioning that the class that is reserved for the plane ticket will be equivalent for the train, that is, if we book a tourist class on the plane, we will travel in a tourist class on the train. The ticket Rail & Fly can be purchased during the online purchase of your Air Berlin ticket. Therefore, if your flight leaves from Germany, you may be interested in this service.

In addition, if you travel with children, they can benefit from special discounts according to their age range. Children under 2 years pay only 15% of the net ticket price for an adult and 20% if they are long-distance flights.

Children over 2 years and under 12 pay 80% of the net ticket price of an adult. Another advantage for families is that they can reserve adjoining seats for free, as long as they are not more than two adults and carry at least one child under 2 years.

Travel as a family with Air Berlin


  • Limited Customer Service: There are a large number of passengers who have traveled with Air Berlin and have expressed their dissatisfaction with the airline because they have encountered a very limited customer service. Also included here is the fact that they offer little compensation, either economic or otherwise in case of lost or damaged luggage, delays or major delays …
  • Low multilingual service: Another of the frequent complaints of many users of this airline is that they do not easily take off from their native language: German. Thus, there have been cases in which users have received responses to complaints in German after having addressed the company in English, for example.
  • Little space on the plane: narrow aisle, narrow toilets, narrow seats … It seems that narrow It is the adjective with which a high number of passengers define the aircraft of this airline. This obviously makes the journey more uncomfortable, especially if it is a long-term flight.
Air Berlin interior aircraft
  • Contact phone 902: The 24-hour contact telephone number that Air Berlin shows on its website is 902 333 335, that is, a payment number 902, the cost of which is 0.09EUR / min.
  • Lower price, more discomfort: One of the aspects for which Air Berlin is characterized is that, despite not being a low cost airline, it usually offers very attractive offers. However, there have been many passengers who, after acquiring one of these offers, have observed after their experience that the low cost of their flight is due to the fact that during the flight several comforts and conventional services are suppressed or more obstacles are put into the hand luggage or the one that is billed.
  • Absence of check-in online for transoceanic flights: Air Berlin, like the rest of today's airlines, allows passengers to check in online, so they can print their boarding pass from home. However, there are certain transoceanic flights (from Europe to North America, for example) for which it does not offer this service. Therefore, we advise you to check this in advance.

Top photo by Aero Icarus.

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