Air transport – Australia

In Australia It is preferred over all things to travel from city to city through airplanes. It is a faster way to reach your destination. The number of airports in the country is wide, they have national airlines, the most important and oldest is Qantas. Even if Ansett It also provides a lot of daily flights.

Qantas National Airline

Currently two more airlines have appeared Virgin blue and Boost. Before the ticket costs were higher but with the appearance of the latter, the market has reduced prices due to the high level of competition. Other companies that offer regional trips are:

Aero tropics, offers flights from Cape York and Strait Towers. Its official website is:

Aeropelican, flights between Newcastle, Inverell, Cooma and Sydney. The website of this airline is:

Airnorth, provides trips that cross northern Australia with Darwin and Gove. His website is:

Jetstar, is a small subsidiary of Qantas, offers flights to all the capitals of the country. Visit their website:

Aero tropics

These airlines They manage to cover all domestic destinations, as they reach almost every city. The airport network in Australia It is very good, most important cities have a medium-sized airport.

Virgin blue

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