Air transport – England

England has many international airports and other smaller ones. The national airline is British Airways. Together with Iberia, Easyjet and Ryanair are the companies that have the most flights from Spain.

Heathrow Airport

Among the most important, by size, or by the number of passengers passing through it, we can list:
Heathrow International Airport. Receive flights from all over the world. It is the largest and busiest in the United Kingdom and Europe.
London Gatwick Airport. Second in importance in England. 45km south of London.
London Stansted International Airport, in Essex 48 km northeast of London. One of the most important in low cost flight operations.
London Luton Airport, 48 km northeast of London. Birmingham Airport, 12 km southwest of Birmingham.
Bristol International Airport, 11 km southwest of Bristol.
Liverpool John Lennon Airport, 12 km southeast of Liverpool.
Newcastle Airport, 10 km northwest of Newcastle.
London City Airport, located 10 km east of London.
Leeds Bradford International Airport, located 18 km northwest of Leeds and 11 km north of Bradford.
Southampton International Airport, in the town of Eastleigh, 7 km northeast of Southampton.
Bournemouth airport, 8 km northeast of Bournemouth
Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport, 6 km southeast of Doncaster and 29 km from Sheffield.

London Gatwick Airport

There are also other smaller air stations. All are connected to the cities through metro, trains, buses and taxis. They also have offices car rental in its facilities and all the necessary services for passengers.

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