Air transport – Finland

Finland It is a large country and many places – especially the north – are quite remote. This makes local flights quite convenient. There are 28 airports in the main cities of the country. Many of them receive charter flights from many European cities.

Finland Airport

To cover all these local destinations there are 6 air transport companies that provide cheap flights:

Air Åland: This airline links the southern islands with continental Finland. It also has flights to Sweden.

Blue1: Covers 10 airports in Finland, although it also has several international destinations since joining the Star Alliance in 2004.

Finnair: Of more international orientation, also covers 12 airports in the country. However, for local flights use a fleet of medium-sized aircraft.

Finncomm: It is the largest domestic coverage airline. In total it flies to 16 Finnish airports. Like Finnair it uses medium-sized airplanes.

Fly Lappeenranta: Airline specialized in connecting the Lappeenranta area, southwest of Finland, with Helsinki. It is part of the Scottish company Highland Airways.

Turku Air: Small company that provides air taxi service. It connects Turku, a city in the southwest, with the Åland Islands.

Finland economic flight

There are 15 private and medical heliports. There used to be a transport helicopter company called Copterline, but in 2008 it declared itself insolvent. Currently there is the company Helitours for tourist flights within Finland and Helikopterikeskus for VIP flights.

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