Air transport – French Polynesia

Definitely the best means to transport between island and island is the plane. Due to the separation of archipelago In the archipelago then it is better to move by air, that is why there are several routes, and the prices are reasonable. Therefore, if you have the capacity to do so, do not miss a trip that will be engraved in your memory by the beautiful landscapes that you will see from above.

Air tahiti

While Tahiti Air It is the national airline that provides the largest number of flights, there are other smaller operators that offer private charter or helicopter transfers, including Air Archipels, Héli-Inter Polynéise. The connections have different prices, for example from Tahiti to Bora Bora in Air Tahiti can be priced at approximately 120 euros. Luckily there are promotions and air passes. If you are scheduled to visit several islands then you should buy an Air Pass.

Helicopter flights

If you fear heights then the ferry It is your best option, so you can also move between the islands, it is the Society Islands that offer the best service to move by boat. The best known companies are Aremiti and Moorea Express, you can find them at the Papeete pier.

Aerial view of the islands

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