Air transport – Holland

As we have mentioned, you can reach Amsterdam by direct plane or stop in some other city, Brussels is a good option, from Spain you can arrive in Virgin Express or Vueling, when you arrive you will only have to take the train, it is a little cheaper way to get to Holland.

Dutch airline

Another way to arrive with a low budget is thanks to the low cost airlines, these companies offer their flights at lower prices than other better known ones, the method is based on the transaction being online, eliminating administrative fees because a physical ticket is not generated. The longer you book your flight, the better sale you can find.

Planes in Schiphol

The airlines with which you can be assured of arriving at your destination from or to the Netherlands are:
KLM, the Dutch airline can reach Holland from up to 162 destinations, around the world.
Dutch Dakota Association, a Dutch company that seeks to preserve flights with classic Douglas planes. They make national and international flights.

Alitalia in Holland

As well as classic airlines like Transavia, Iberia, Ryanair, Swiss, Alitalia They arrive in Amsterdam.

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