Air Transport – Norway

The difficult geography of Norway convert to air Transport in one of the most used in the country. This occurs especially in the north where villages are scarce and are considerable distances. In the south, despite having better train and road infrastructure, many people use airplanes for distances greater than 200km. Tickets are cheap for the Norwegian average.

Norway Airport

Norway has more than 50 civil airports, which makes it exceptionally well connected. The airplanes of the flights between towns are small, as well as the airports.

The largest companies in the country are the following:

Cheap Norway Flights

exist offers attractive to travel by plane. Widerøes has the “Explore Norway Ticket” that allows you to travel to any of its 35 destinations for two weeks at a fixed price. This offer is given between June 21 and August 27. On the other hand, SAS has special rates called “Visit Scandinavia / Nordic Pass” that allows you to travel by Norway and other Nordic countries at lower prices. This is valid on the flights of SAS, Widerøes and Blue1 companies.

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